‘There’s nothing else quite like Will’s approach, with its illuminating, scientific take on writing technique. All storytellers, no matter what their experience, are likely to go away with a new understanding of their writing process that will deepen and nourish their work.’

Craig Pearce, co-writer: Strictly Ballroom, Romeo+Juliet, Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby

How to Tell a Story is a comprehensive five day workshop for writers, based on Will Storr’s critically acclaimed book The Science of Storytelling. It’s an accessible course that reveals the brain’s inherent story-making processes and turns them into solid, practical principles that should benefit writers of all levels of experience. It will show you how to create compelling and cliché-free characters who create their own plots that don’t rely on standard story structures.

Over the five days (including a Wednesday special guest presenter) Will Storr will introduce his unique ‘Sacred Flaw Approach’ for creating character-driven stories. Attendees will also discover many fresh ways of thinking about storytelling technique, including characterisation, plotting, dialogue, subtext, antagonists and endings. Morning lectures and discussions give way to afternoon workshop sessions during which attendees will work on their own stories using science of storytelling principles.

The course features analyses of works by James Baldwin, Jill Soloway, Lars von Trier, Steven Spielberg, Mary Shelley, Kazuo Ishiguro and Kate Grenville, amongst others.  

This workshop is hosted by The Faber Academy